The Prado spiritual family

Priests and Brothers

The Priests of Prado (

The Association of Priests of Prado is a "secular institute" of pontifical right.. It is therefore not a religious Congregation. The Priests of Prado remain diocesan priests. However, some of them may be incardinated into the Institute for Mission and Formation tasks.

The priests of Prado are especially present in working-class areas, among the most disadvantaged, and in formation work, particularly for seminarians and priests. After two years of training, without leaving their ministry, they make a temporary and then a perpetual commitment. They can also benefit from a Year of Pradosian Formation.

The Prado Brothers

Deeply attached to the charism of Father Chevrier, the Brothers of Prado are "consecrated lay people".. Within the Association, their constituted group forms a Fraternity, with its own particular organisation. Still small in number, they are present mainly in France and India.

The Sisters

It all began with Father Chevrier, who had a number of women available to help him with the work of First Communion.

And so the Sisters of Prado were born.  Among them was Marie Boisson, who was to become the first Head of the Sisters of Prado.

Today, they are a diocesan society of apostolic life. They are present in France and other countries around the world, including Spain, Chile, Madagascar, India, South Korea and Vietnam.

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The Prado Women's Institute

The Prado Women's Institute

Place of foundation: Lyon (France).

Secular Institute of diocesan right: 2 March 1992.

Number of members: 43.

Countries of operation: France, Spain, Chile, Korea, Mexico, Lebanon, Egypt and Colombia.


  • The grace of Prado constantly invites and calls us to follow Jesus Christ more closely in order to work more effectively for the salvation of mankind and the transformation of the world according to the Gospel.
  • In response to this call, we consecrate ourselves totally to God, living the evangelical counsels to be witnesses in our own communities to the Kingdom that Jesus came to proclaim to the poor and continues to proclaim to people today.
  • In the fullness of human life, we want to participate in the Church's mission of evangelisation - "To know Jesus Christ and to make him known...". Especially to the little ones, to make the Church exist with them and from them.

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