Gospel studies

"I read the Holy Gospel. Everything Our Lord said is well said, and we must try to put it into practice! Let's always study this beautiful book; don't stop reading it, so that you can practise what you see in it; that will be our rule, as you know...". With these words, Father Antoine Chevrier, priest of the diocese of Lyon in France and founder of Prado, invites us to share his experience of studying Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

The Constitutions of the Association of Priests of Prado state: "In order to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to studying the Gospel habitually and to passing it on in our lives. Either personally or together, we will give considerable time to this spiritual study: "Anyone who wants to be filled with the spirit of God must study Our Lord every day: his words, his examples, his life; this is the source from which we find life, the spirit of God". We will make this study a real work that takes into account the whole of the Scriptures. We will do it in the simplicity of faith, according to the tradition of the Church, in connection with the poor whose lives we share". (Constitutions, no. 37)

On this page you will find a number of articles on the Pradosian experience of studying the Gospel, as well as a number of 'Gospel Studies' on various themes, the texts of which are the fruit of this practice.

Gospel Study articles

Some Gospel Studies