Prados in the world

There are three types of Prado:

  • The erected Prados
  • The organised Prado
  • The other Prados

The Prados erected

Chapter 9 of the Constitutions of the Association of the Priests of Prado speaks of the organisation and government of the Institute. In particular, they provide that there shall be "Regional communities set up with an Executive Board ( Constitutions n. 97). In fact, when a Regional Prado has gathered a number of committed Pradosians, this allows it to have a certain autonomy with regard to formation, finances and, finally, the election of a leader and his council by an assembly. Once these conditions have been met, this Prado can ask the General Council to become an erected Prado.

The challenge of an erected Prado is well presented in n. 102 :  "... it establishes its particular organisation according to the characteristics of its ecclesial tradition, in fidelity to the charism of Father Chevrier and in conformity with the proper law of the Institute". 

At present, the Prados erected are as follows:

  1. France;
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Middle East (Lebanon, Syria-Jordan, Egypt and Iran);
  5. South Korea;
  6. Brazil