The Prado parish - Rome


The Diocese of Rome has entrusted the parish of Santa Maria del Soccorso (Via del Badile, 1 - Tiburtina) the Association of the Priests of Pradoin accordance with our status as diocesan priests.

* A parish priest, assisted by a parochial vicar, manages the ordinary life of the parish and maintains links with the priests of the presbyterate in Rome.

* The charism of Prado urges us to go to the outskirts of the city as well as the outskirts of life to proclaim the Gospel to the poor in the manner of Father Chevrier, as Pope Francis reminds us today. It is an important sign that Prado is at the heart of the Catholic faith. Forming a community that maintains the desire to follow Jesus Christ more closely, to allow itself to be led by the spirit of God, to reach out to the poor and to live in fraternity is also Father Chevrier's desire.

* The presence of the PRADOSIANS in Rome will enable the charism of Father Chevrier to take root among the priests of the Diocese of Rome.

The Prado team in Rome is also responsible for accompanying student priests who are in contact with Prado. This enables them to continue to follow either the first training course and also meetings of ongoing training. These meetings are also open to other priests who are sympathisers or who wish to discover Father Chevrier's spirituality, which is deeply rooted in the identity of the diocesan priest.


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