Maison du Prado Saint-André in Limonest

Maison du Prado Saint André

The Maison du Prado Saint André is magnificently situated on the southern slopes of the Monts d'Or, just a stone's throw from Lyon.




It is the House of Formation of the Association of Priests of Prado and of the whole Pradosian family. Consecrated lay people, the Sisters of Prado, the Female Institute of Prado, the Fraternity of the Deacons of Prado, lay people linked to Prado.

In this House, there are the Spiritual Centre A team there organises retreats and spiritual days.

It is also home to The Prado International Seminar.

Every year, this house hosts the " Recovery year of the Prado de France, and every two years the Prado General promotes "the Prado of France". International Pradosian Year (API): an international team of Proudosian priests undertake a 10-month course of intense formation, community life, exchange, prayer and renewal.

Subject to availability, the Maison welcomes other groups who wish to use the venue for their meetings and sessions.

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